Emergency Procedures during the UK Heatwave
Deployment Suspension in place for next week

Due to the ongoing severe weather and the issuance of a danger to life warning, emergency procedures have been put in place.

This warning effects both us, the UK based FOSSHOST staff and our Data Centre is under a warning to be prepared (it's right on the border).

In line with our procedures of an event likely to cause significant disruption, all deployments will be suspended from 3pm UK time tomorrow until 9am UK time on Wednesday.

This is in line with advice from authorities that impacts could be significant to National infrastructure.

The board will be regularly updated on the situation and we will be closely monitoring the impact.

In addition, UK based volunteers (just me, RhinosF1) will be informing the board regularly that they are safe & well.

The procedures in place our to protect the safety of our team and ensure we are best prepared to handle any incident that occurs.

As already said, the situation will be closely monitored and should advice change, we will update the plans.

Written by RhinosF1 on Jul 15 2022, 9:54 AM.
Technical Lead

Event Timeline

Safety check:

As of July 20 14:34 local time, Safety check has been paused.

From 2 reports by 1 affected volunteer, we have not been made aware of any adverse effects of the incident of notable effect.

All other mitigations: Deployments suspended as at 14:46 UK time 16 July until 21:00 20 July

At 14:34 local time, the decision was made to extended the deployment suspension and incident by a further 6 hours to 9pm.

As at 9pm, the incident was stood down.