An announcement from the bots team
MirahezeBots are pleased to announce a plan to incorporate

  • FOR RELEASE AFTER 00:59 19 March 2022

MirahezeBots can confirm that it recently reached an agreement with the intention to enter into formal negotiations to form a company to act as a holding company of assets owned by the project.

The company is aiming to be directed by a consortium of 3 current team members with exact term dates to be agreed.

The project intends to rename to FOSSBots assuming agreements are successful at the time the company forms.

We intend to provide a progress update by April 18th and have filed documents to form by May 3rd.

Written by RhinosF1 on Mar 19 2022, 10:48 AM.
Technical Lead

Event Timeline

Update: We are waiting on some of the team completing document checks required to form the company.