Technical Lead's response to CN thread

On behalf of Miraheze Bots, I'd like to clarify where things stand on numerous fronts.

Before our Christmas Change Freeze, which we impose to protect our volunteers from feeling like they should respond to anything over the festive season and ensure they can spend time with family, RhinosF1 was approached with an offer of hosting by Naleksuh.

We appreciate any and all offers and Naleksuh was advised to get a Miraheze NDA as that is currently required by our access policy and it was assumed they would have access and not be covered by any other agreement like a normal hosting provider.

RhinosF1 was contacted multiple times over the Christmas freeze despite telling Naleksuh that they had to wait until after the freeze.

At the conclusion of the freeze, the offer was discussed with the Bots Sysadmin team in a private channel and we decided to refuse the offer on the grounds we believed there was little guarantee of stability and taking into consideration concerns it could be fuelled by a dislike for Fosshost as a result of Naleksuh being banned by them recently.

Naleksuh objected immediately to our refusal and after a discussion with a member of our team we refused to offer them a right to have the decision reviewed again by our team as we did it believe that there was new, relevant information that was unavailable at the time of our call. It was also considered whether allowing Naleksuh to pursue an on-wiki review would cause harm to our team. I asked that team member to communicate this to Naleksuh and made it clear that it was a direct order from Bots SRE and sanctions could be considered if it did cause harm. Quite frankly, the discussion has done such and feels like an attempt to drag us through the mud based on a petty dislike as we chose to refuse an offer by them.

Miraheze Bots is ran by a subset of the Miraheze community that are interested in hosting and developing bots & tools when time permits for the benefit of Miraheze and the wider communities that meet the values of both projects. We use our own resources for the most part, although we do have a Miraheze hosted documentation wiki, and act under own governance separate to Miraheze Limited. We chose to require an NDA as we have at points had some bots in semi-private channels that may include sensitive information at times and users can be pointed to us which in some cases can result in the logging of private information in line with our policies.

We would like the community to understand that we are there to support them with bot related issues and rather than be discouraged by what feels like an attack on our team and some of our members personally.

On the note of any previous attempt to remove Miraheze branding or plans too, this has been considered in the past via certain avenues but we have never been obliged to do so as it was deemed that our current situation was the best interests of those involved and no appropriate legal entity has been found to take over the assets using legal information of Miraheze (address mainly) with the consent of Owen. We continue to asses this at regular intervals and are in the process of discussing an implementation plan to replace our previous failed plan.

Written by RhinosF1 on Jan 18 2022, 3:31 PM.
Technical Lead

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