Festive Deployment Pause
Confused happens over the festive period? Read below

In line with the Deployment policy, a 12 day pause on deployments will take place over the Christmas period.

You should note the following:

  • Final day for production PyPi releases: 18th December 2021
  • Final day for beta feature changes to be requested: 19th December 2021 (please be considerate)
  • Final day for beta changes to be deployed: 20th December 2021
  • Deployments end: 00:01 21st December 2021
  • End of year announcements: 22nd December 2021
  • Restart for 2022: 3rd January 2022

Sysadmins are not expected to active from 23rd December - 2nd January

The following dates the bots team WILL NOT be available except for emergencies:

  • 24th December
  • 25th December
  • 26th December
  • 31st December
  • 1st January

Please be aware that non security deployments will not be approved on these dates and are strictly prohibited.

Emergency contact details will be made clear in advance by myself. Please contact me via email by the end of deployments if you need access and are not a Sysadmin.

All times & dates are in UTC.

Happy holidays,

Written by RhinosF1 on Sep 29 2021, 4:17 PM.
Technical Lead

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