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Introduce json plugin loader
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The new system will further increase the json dynamic config and be part of the future factoid & attacks/goofy plugin.

It will allow each plugin to define itself in a new shared way and introduce more fancier and modern config.

It will hook directly into sopel just like now but be more unique to every channel and involve a lot being loaded into the database from json files then cached in sopel's memory.

Rather than the current reloading system for our own plugins, we will run new commands but they will be refreshing from a simple structure.

We will have 2 commands .rebuild which will rebuild all the stored data and code and .refreshcache to refresh what's running live.

They will run as part of but not block startup.



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09:29:16 <Exirel> All you need is to create and register an instance of sopel.plugins.rules.Command (or use a subclass) with bot.rules.register_command(generated_command).