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[Tracking] Auto Open proxy block /Whois Tool
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Background: In a Miraheze Discord server channel, @RhinosF1 were discussing the historical operation of ProxyBot that monitored, and blocked, known open proxies. RhinosF1 explained the bot has been defunct for ages, and what we really only need to do is create an open proxy monitoring service that would monitor the
#miraheze-feed, presumably, and then either (a) a bot or maybe a global abuse filter would automatically block them or (b) Miraheze Global Sysops and stewards would block them them

Idea: Open proxy monitoring service for Miraheze Global Sysops and stewards that would run on the MirahezeBots project server

Challenges: RhinosF1 noted the whois system as a likely challenge, but also noted the following details (see below).

Initial Plans/Operating Parameters: Per RhinosF1, "so we'll set them up on tools1 and then have a bot from bots1 watch RC (presumably #miraheze-feed, or a separate, specific RC feed) and query our own tools' API to check if OP & block."

He also examined what found what uses, and said he'll plan to just fork, tweak, and rebuild that

  • DNS
  • Puppet Config
  • Forked Repos