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Onboard chrs as a systems engineer
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Requestor provided information and prerequisites

This section is to be completed by the individual requesting access.

  • username: chrs
  • Github: christophorum
  • email address (can be kept private): given to @RhinosF1
  • SSH public key: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIMYj9RifGtR0ucKRZP4T29WI/QXhNEiwJZ2tXK79a3a+
  • Requested group membership: bots-admins,tools-admins, github read & push for bots
  • Reason for access: new security volunteer
  • Name of approving party: @RhinosF1

SRE Confirmation Checklist for Access Requests

This checklist should be used on all access requests to ensure that all steps are covered, including expansion to existing access. Please double check the step has been completed before checking it off.

This section is to be confirmed and completed by a member of the SRE team.

  • - User has a valid NDA on file and recorded in company-info
  • - User has provided a public SSH key.
  • - access request (or expansion) has sign off of group approver

Access Granted


  • S2
  • acl*security
  • phab admin
  • github groups - INVITED
  • icinga
  • cloudflare mail - INVITED
  • google - INVITED
  • shell - NEEDS TESTING



Event Timeline

RhinosF1 created this task.

Id&v passed per irc - onboarding can start

Id&v passed per irc - onboarding can start

No NDA yet so it can't.