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PyWikiBot for tuscriaturraswiki, self-hosted, or on web interface P.A.W.S.
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Hi, i want to install PyWikiBot to better organize the articles and pages on tuscriaturaswiki.

I have seen in this link that PyWikiBot has different methods of running:

Which one of these options are recommended?

  1. Run on PAWS (Jupyter notebook deployment hosted by Wikimedia.) and
  2. On my own computer.
  3. On toolforge. redirects to

If the best is to run on my own computer i will need detailed instruction as i don't know how to code in python or run bots.
If the best is other option, i will need assistance too.



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Definately not Toolforge. We can run non interactive scripts for you if you know exactly what you want.

I'd be interested to see if PAWS could be something we look at.

About running scripts. I want a function that moves pages on a category to another category. Like simulating a category redirect.

Example, common users may categorize creatures in:
*Category: Greek Mythology
*Category: Creatures from Greece
*Category: Greek myths
And the admins of tuscriaturas want the creatures only in one place to search better for the creatures. Then, making a script to redirect the pages to the correct category is better.

An issue is that we are constantly including new ideas into the bestiary and categories are being created as we introduce more creatures. And maybe our personal criterion for the name of the categories may vary. So the list of categories the bot needs to move the articles will be updated several times.

I hope this explains it better.

A text replacement tool should be fairly simple. We can provide support if a bot is needed.

Do you know from what category to what?


I don't think is that simple as moving one category. We want to continue adding categories in the future.

thank you,