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Create a designation of duty plan
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Currently, a lot of things require my approval.

In the event that something happens or for whatever reason I'm away, there should be a policy for who takes acting decisions



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RhinosF1 triaged this task as High priority.May 4 2021, 6:51 PM
RhinosF1 created this task.

I think any changes to MirahezeBot plugins should be able to be approved by any Operations-level team member (i.e., you, MacFan4000, Reception123, or Voidwalker). Likewise, changes to MirahezeBot trusted and admin level of access should require the approval of a majority of the team, at least three of which of which must be Operations-level team members.

Adding new team members should require a three quarters approval of the MirahezeBots project team members, at least three of which must be Operations-level team members.

Phabricator administrator access should require approval of any two team members, at least one of which is an Operations-level team member, but final sign off should require your approval.

Per conversation with @RhinosF1 on IRC, I'd recommend @MacFan4000 be nominated as, and confirmed subject to @RhinosF1's and the team's approval, the "designated survivor" with all powers to act for RhinosF1 where RhinosF1 has either:

  • Formally designated himself on a leave of absence; or,
  • Not been around for more than 72 hours without prior notice as to where he is

Or where:

  • A simple majority of the team vote to temporarily invoke acting powers

Vote for the latter should occur on Phabricator.

MacFan4000 is both incredibly personable, capable, and active

n.b. these would just be acting powers or permissions, to ensure the project can continue. Change of permanent project lead would still require super-majority vote of the team + Miraheze SRE approval

I also support @MacFan4000 as the designated back-up for @RhinosF1.