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Monitoring notifications
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@RhinosF1 was trying cloudflare health checks, and it looks like he was also looking at logflare

Another option would be which has even more notification methods - and miraheze also uses it.



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I’ve setup a hund demo at

As a foss project we can get the base plan for free.


Feel free to set a status page up.

We'll probably want to exempt in the WAF

Logflare looks to be working so I'm happy to invite people to that seperately. We can store logs on our own Google BigQuery instance but that requires a valid bank card.

So, at this point Hund is setup and working great doing http checks. bots@ is subscribed. We also have Zenduty setup to sent additional notification emails which currently is subscribed to hund, as well as CloudFlare is also setup to do http checks and sends it’s data to Zenduty. I have no idea what is going on with logflare.